So who Poltava taken?

Irina MedynskiyThe Ukrainian authorities have announced plans to erect monuments to Hetman Mazepa in Kyiv and Poltava, which caused a negative reaction among the Orthodox community of the Ukraine (at the time, the name Mazepa was buried anathema). The appropriate protest message believers were handed over to the representative of the Ukrainian government.Another interesting monument to "decorate" themselves vicinity of Poltava - the Swedish king Charles XII. This is about how in the Kremlin to establish a memorial in honor of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Recall what it was about.The largest battle of the Northern war of the eighteenth century between the Russian army under Peter the great and the Swedish army of Charles XII took place on the morning of 27 June 179 near Poltava, in the left-Bank Ukraine.It was a truly historic moment: the decisive victory of Russian led to a change in the entire war in favor of Russia and put an end to the domination of Sweden as a major military power in Europe at that time.Such anniversaries are usually celebrated widely, preparing for them in advance. On 12 February 28, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine met in Moscow, agreed that the event will be jointly organized and will open a new stage in Russian-Ukrainian relations. But when going to the specifics, this consistency has cracked. Читать полностью -->

The interior Ministry is prepared to reduce the number of SWAT, famous for its humanity

The structure and number of employees of special units will be reviewed as part of the reform of the interior Ministry, said the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Colonel-General Mikhail Sukhodolsky. "On the quantitative component units far too early, but today the number of staff of special forces allows to solve tasks", - quotes the words of the Deputy Minister "Interfax".He noted that the number of policemen will change in some regions depending on the socio-economic situation: "some developing regions, where the presence of troops has ceased to be a necessity. We will bring their numbers in line with socio-economic and socio-demographic situation in our country".Speech on the elimination of special police forces is not, said Sergey Shevchuk, a spokesman for the interior Ministry, noting that he will only optimized their staff numbers. The demand of these units, according to the interior Ministry, will also increase given the threats of terrorism and extremism, ITAR-TASS reported.These statements he made during his visit to the base of the special police unit (OMON) "Zubr" the Russian interior Ministry, which celebrates its fourth anniversary since founding. "Bison" is an independent unit in the structure of the MIA, which is the reserve of the Minister. It was formed in February 26 on the basis of existing since 1988, detachment of special police of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow region."Can I congratulate the people of our country that we have such police units, which lives at risk to protect citizens from criminal attacks every day, every hour," said the General.He compared the way of maintaining order at public events in Russia and Western Europe and concluded in favor of the Russian special forces: "If you compare how to ensure law and order at such events in our country and the countries of Western Europe, it is often the police have to directly use physical force and special means and special equipment to ensure public order. Читать полностью -->

Scientists believe in God

Eugene STRELCZYK, Evening MoscowAmerican scientists are in the majority, as shown by a recent study, deeply religious people.Almost 7% of them believe that the basis of world religions is the truth, and it has a divine origin. However, only about one-third of respondents said they do not believe in a Deity.– Previously, science was not identified with faith and religion, but now it became known that many of the leading scientists are believers, " said the sociologist Alan Howard Eklund from Houston. – It gives them the scientific works on new importance and value in the eyes of others.Interestingly, research on this topic conducted a few years ago, gave a completely opposite result. Then only 7% of respondents luminaries of science believed God quite "companion" of his life. . . Читать полностью -->

Scientists of the middle class

Professor from Moscow state University, Russia needs a "scientific middle class". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Distinguishing shades of the East

Sergey], correspondent of the magazine "Expert" in Frankfurt am main.Eastern Europe went into a period of intense crisis. In 29 the Baltic States expects GDP to contract by 1-14%. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia will lose from 3 to 8% of GDP. Volume of foreign investments in the region will be reduced in the current year several times."In the period 29-21, we expect sudden failure of investment in the countries of Eastern Europe - a figure that will fall to the level of 1998-2. If 28 was relatively good, since the reduction of investment has started only in the fourth quarter, we expect the 29 results indicate almost complete cessation of capital inflows to the countries of Eastern Europe" - said "Expert" analyst Deutsche Bank Research gГјnther Dauber.The countries of Eastern Europe were growing too fast, their integration into the EU economy, was carried out too hastily and not always wisely, and the costs of citizens and governments grew significantly faster than their incomes. The global economic crisis put a thick line under the accumulated errors of this period of development. Читать полностью -->

By decree of the President of the officials will be making angels in the civil service

Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on amendments to the document on the General principles of official conduct of public servants. In the new edition of the rules of conduct Medvedev has made anti-corruption measure, which previously refused by the state Duma. Talking about the requirement to report all cases of inducement to corruption.Kommersant reminds that during the discussion of the presidential anti-corruption package in the state Duma deputies decided to withdraw a similar provision from the bill. Deputies then decided that such a rule may tempt officials to "squeal". In addition to this controversial item in the new set of rules appears, urging officials to take measures not only to prevent conflicts of interest and to prevent forced participation in voluntary associations, but also on the "prevention of corruption". And yet the officials asked not to mention designations in foreign currency value of the goods, works and services etc. Читать полностью -->

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